curator's manifesto

<! -- Here in a form of manifesto,

philosophical wandering - maybe -

I talk on behalf of my vision - a prism through which

I look, think, muse,

connect, compile and reconcile.

Here in syntax of the programming language,

the C language - maybe -

I talk on behalf of my thoughts and dreams

about the C world - curator, curating, curatorial … -- >







Curator’s Manifesto





<p> I dream about being

a diplomat who follows protocol of a harmonious visual experience of the arts;

a peacemaker who supports the unity between visual and verbal;

an assemblage artist who shapes Gesamtkunstwerk sculptures, gluing together the elements of all the arts;

a conductor who orchestrates, interprets and holds together the meanings and the details;

a conceptualizer who instills the ideas and plants the seeds of thought. </p>



     <p> I dream about speaking

      curatorial language -

       visual linguistics,

        philosophical discourse,

         poetry of senses -

          beyond frontiers and time. </p>



<p> I dream about the spaces

  which exist as  territories

   for soul’s hygiene,

    for self-actualization,

     for stillness,

      for thought.

       I dream about the projects

      which exist as living organisms -

     evolving and taking unexpected forms,

    leaving traces in the minds,

   resounding as echoes in the souls,

  revealing the deeper meanings,

 expanding the horizons,

      holding the hand,

     guiding towards freedom

    and innermost knowledge -

   knowledge of self.

        I dream about harmony.


      WE BLOOM.










                 The alarm clock rings ................





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